Last night, The Brag reported on Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s ‘Eighties plus’ Spotify playlist. An 11-hour, 146 song tribute to all that he loves about the ’80s. The playlist made headlines because it featured one, just one, Australian track (Wa Wa Nee’s ‘Stimulation’).

Now, supposedly in an effort to quell the masses and shush the backlash, Scott Morrison has tweeted out his ‘Australian Rock’ playlist.

A decidedly shorter playlist than his ode to the ’80s, the ‘Australian Rock’ playlist features 87 songs, and comes in just under six hours long. Yes, it features some of the Australian greats The Brag had suggested for his last curation, INXS, The Church and Men At Work; but it also features zero Australian women, and zero Indigenous artists.

The playlist features one female, care of Canadian (!) rock band Martha and the Muffins. The band, fronted by Martha Johnson, are from Toronto.

sco-mo-aus-rock playlist
Scott Morrison’s ‘Australian Rock’ playlist

If quelling the masses of disheartened Australians, who already feel a sense of hopelessness at his classic, liberal, centre-leaning manifest, then perhaps he should have sense-checked the list. With anyone. Anyone at all.

Here’s just a few Australian female, female-fronted or Indigenous acts who fall under the ‘rock’ genre and who easily spring to mind:

The Preatures
The Divinyls
Christine Anu
Kev Carmody
Yothu Yindi
Warumpi Band
Archie Roach
Killing Heidi
Sarah McLeod
Fiona Horne
The Seekers
Baby Animals
Dan Sultan
Little Birdy
Deborah Conway
Margret RoadKnight

Stream Scott Morrison’s blatant disregard for female and indigenous musical talent below:

Multi-award winning singer-songwriter Kate Miller-Heidke tweeted the playlist, but only to point out the blaring obvious:

What’s more, even the singular Australian act to feature in his ‘Eighties plus’ playlist has come forward to distance himself from ScoMo: